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Shiseido Ma Cherie Wavy Hair Gelee

Selling Shiseido Ma Cherie Wavy Hair Glee at SGD$11.50 including postage (for Singapore only).
* Description *
Your hair can be more beautiful!
Getting the hairs attractive & lovely (kawaii in Japanese words) is not an easy job without good hair styling products, and now we are proud of bringing you this super hit superior hair wax from Japan! 100% high quality from Shiseido Japan, now at an affordable cost.

1. Treatment Performance
- the red algae extracts give you the treatment effect to repair & nourish your hairs, especially good for dry, damaged or permed hair
2. Hair Foundation Effect
- as a transparent (clear) "hair foundation" to improve the look of hair and make it look more glossy than ever, in terms of light reflection & fixation
3. Premium Touch
- light, non-greasy (non-oily type) and premium texture, it allows you to create your hair styles in an easier & more convenient way, and more importantly, as professional as salon quality!
4. Attractive Floral Fragrance
- with the characteristic floral fruity fragrance (Ma Cheire's fragrance), it enhances your hair beauty by the smell.
Made in Japan
Buyers from other countries, postage charges will charge according to different countries.

If you have any question, just leave a comment here or drop an email to me:

Hope to hear from you :)

Thank you!
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My Korea Autumn Trip 2010

Good Afternoon :)
I am just back from Korea a month ago...
But I was just too lazy too update anything...
Today I am so bored at work >.< so I decided to post some part of my Korea trip down here ^^

The first Korea Trip Topic shall be:
It's all about Hallyu

Part 1:
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    Haru Karu - Big Bang
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A reporter account of SHINee Minho’s Interview.

“Living in Korea doesn’t mean that your world revolves around KPOP only. I am Korean, but little people know that some Kpop acts are fake. It is sad, but that is the truth. At one point, I even stayed away from the Kpop scene and opted to listen and follow the underground acts only.

…But working in the publishing filed, directly involving with Kpop.. I have to be neutral. I have to keep reminding myself not to be too skeptical but it was hard when the thing you do not wish to see, do not want to hear are in front of your eyes. But it all changed in one day. It is all because of SHINee.

We anticipated that day very much, because we finally got our chance to do the interview of this group that we admire so much. I am not a big fan myself, but I respect them as they work very hard to accomplish what they have today, being in this cruel industry where the competition is very fierce.


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credit: SHINee Spore

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FT Island blog translation

Min Hwan's blog "rough" translation


いつもの おしらせの じかんです!ふふふ
じつは ぼくの ふろぐは 4がつで おわりです。ゆ。ゆ
これからは すんひゅんくんのぶろぐで!
みなさんと あそびましょ!!!
ゆ。ゆ じゃんねんですが また あいましょ!!
いままで たのしかったです!!
にほんごも たくさん べんきょうになりました!!
くくく ありがとこじゃいました!!!
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JK POP Music Review- w-inds., SS501, SHINee

Hello :)

Wanna share a music review post with everyone before 2010 comes :D

(Original Post)

It's actually a J-K POP Music Review feat. w-inds., SHINee & SS501...


No worries, there is no comparison~

I think they put them together because they are all boybands...

Collapse )Refer to the Original post HERE!

Sorry for my VERY ROUGH translation...
I am just being lazy~

Everyone who love the songs, must remember to support their original single!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!